My stories are my interior monolog. Narratives literary fiction perhaps – creative nonfiction.  It’s based on memories, thoughts, opinions and creative writing. One would have to decide for themselves where to categorize or place what genre label.

I would like for readers to come to their own heuristic end to the stories, I write. Regardless, of the label or what I’m writing about. I only, want understanding from the use of stories. I chose this art form with the desire for others to have a personal experience through, sharing my feelings.

Often as human beings we find ourselves on the outside looking in on a given situation: a friend’s problems with work, the death of a distant relative, even watching police rush to a major car accident. However, one of the most difficult aspects of humanity is being able to look within ourselves and be honest about what we see there.

“The Trees Outside” is an introspective look at those forces affecting the character Angel Harper, from Andrea N. Carr’s debut novel Family Tree the Novel: Family Tree. Here, she not only helps readers look introspectively at Angel’s life through her poetry and previously edited material, but she reveals the naked truth about her writing as a medium for self-expression.

This is a must read for all followers new and old of ​”Family Tree the Novel​,” Miss Carr bears her soul and that of Angel’s in a truly enlightening short work. ~ M.J. Moores, OCT

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